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Package includes:

50 Screw on Climbing Holds


This product comes WITHOUT Hardware, you will need to buy 1/4 inch wood screws of different lengths at any local hardware store.

50 Screw on Climbing Holds

  • When you receive your Rock Holds, wash them in the dishwasher, or a tub or sink with warm water and dish soap, the product is provided straight from our warehouse and will need to be cleaned before use. Sometimes a smell will linger on Climbing Holds, Washing the holds and drying them somewhere warm typically helps this smell until the holds don't smell at all.

    Screw on Climbing Holds are meant to be installed into thicker wood, typically 2x4s. The holds are secured by two 1/4 inch Wood Screws, the length of the screw depends on the project. When securing the holds don't over tighten the screws,

    Rocky Mountain Climbing Holds withstand both cold and warm weather, our holds are meant to last a lifetime. If you have any issues, please e mail us at

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