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Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear Product Information


 Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear is proud to offer you durable,

realistic, long-lasting products.  


We know that you will enjoy years of climbing fun!


There are some things you will notice about

our “rocks” that are different from other climbing holds

you may have used in the past.


Rocky Mountain Climbing Holds are manufactured in the

United States. 

Our Holds are made from recycled plastic material. 

By buying these holds you are keeping plastics out of landfills.  

Thank you for helping us go green!


You may notice a slight smell on the holds. 

This is normal and from the manufacturing process. 

This smell is not harmful and will go away within a few days.

     If this does happen to your product, run the rock holds

through the dishwasher and let air dry.

Some color differences in your climbing holds are

normal and due to the material, that they are made from.


We take pride in the products that we offer.  W

We also take pride in our customer service. 

If there are any issues with your climbing holds

please call the owner (Carl Keene 208 704 0291) or

email us at

and we will answer any questions or concerns.


Thank You,

Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear

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