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Bolt on Vs. Screw on Climbing Holds

Rocky Mountain Climbing Holds make two different types of climbing holds. 

Please follow the directions based on your purchase.

The first type is Bolt on Climbing Hold

Bolt on Holds: Your package should include holds with one hole in them.

The hardware we choose is 2 inch bolts and 3/8th inch T Nuts.

The Bolt on Holds are meant to go in 3/4th inch thick plywood.

We recommend drilling a hole that 7/16th inch into the back of the plywood.

For Bolt on Holds On the back of the Plywood put a t nut in each hole.

Turn your plywood back over. Mount the holds with an Allen wrench and make sure they are tight

The second type are Screw On Climbing Holds


Screw on Holds have two holes and will not come with hardware.

They are recommended for 2x4 or 2x6’s.

They require 1/4 inch drilled holes, and  Wood Screws 2-2 ½ inch long

Mount hold and tighten with screw driver.

For Screw on Climbing Holds, Holes do not need to be pre drilled, you can drill the product directly into hard wood, making sure the screw does not stick out the back of the project. 


**Some orders will come with hardware depending on in the description of the order.


**Our holds are weather proof, however the hardware that we provide may have rust appearance if left out in different weather conditions.

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