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Rocky Mountain 10 Bolt on Climbing Hold Packs include

10 Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear Holds 

Comes with the option to buy hardware or purchase without hardware.



If you choose with hardware your package will also include

10x 3/8th diameter16 Pitch Thread T Nuts

10x 3/8th diameter 1.75 length inch Black Oxide Alloy Steel Socket Cap Bolts



10 Bolt On Climbing Holds

  • Bolt on Climbing Holds are intended to be used with 3/4 inch Plywood. The hardware provided will only work for that thickness of wood. Before installation the 3/4inch plywood must be predrilled by a 5/16th inch drill bit for a 3/8th drop anchor. Once the holes are predrilled install the T Nuts on the back of the plywood by dropping the Nut into the hole, once the tips of the spikes are on the back of the board place a climbing hold on the other side of your board. Use a Bolt from your package to anchor the T Nut by screwing the climbing Hold down, the T Nut should bite into the back of the wood until it is flush. Once you have installed all your T Nuts you can decide which climbing holds to place and where you want to place them. Your climbing hold pieces will be changeable, and you should be able to access the back of the plywood. If putting up on a wall, attach 2x4's to your studs on that wall, then attach the plywood to the 2x4's. This will cause minimal damage to your wall. When you get the Rock Holds, wash them in dishwasher, a tub or sink with warm water and dish soap. This product is provided straight from our warehouse and will need to be cleaned before use. Sometimes a smell will linger on Climbing Holds, washing the holds and drying them somewhere warm typically helps this smell until the holds don't smell at all. Rock Climbing Holds are produced in a location that may include dust, washing the holds will help eliminate any residue.Hardware will work both inside and outside, but may have cosmetic rust depending on location. Rust is Cosmetic, Alloy Steel is one of the strongest steels used for climbing hold bolts, for more information about our bolts check out Black Oxide Alloy Steel Socket Cap Bolts on Fastners.comT Nuts and Bolts are the only outsourced products provided in package. Climbing Holds are made in America by our Warehouse.


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